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Medical services and practice management are very unique in the medical field.  Our team understands the complex issues that can face your practice on a daily basis.  RCM, LLC can assist by providing a high level of expertise to help you manage your operations and revenue cycle needs.  Whether your concerns are  increasing efficiencies to improve cash flow, negotiating contracts or managing staffing levels let us assist you. 
The following management services are available to you:

Financial Analysis:
 1.   Overview of financial statements
 2.   Profit and Loss
 3.   Overview of expenses
 4.   Budgets
 5.   Forecasting
 6.   Contract Review and Negotiations with third party payers
 7.   Benchmarking against national standards

Revenue Cycle:
 1.   Complete analysis of process flows
      a.   Charge Capture
      b.   Charge Entry
      c.   Claim Submission
      d.   Editing and Scrubbing
      e.   Rejection Management
      f.    Payments and cash management
      g.   AR Analysis
      h.   Aging Analysis
       i.   Report Management
 2.   Review of all Revenue Cycle Policies and Procedures
 3.   Staffing Analysis
 4.   Coding review
 5.   Review of Systems
 6.   Cost of providing service

New Business Analysis:
 1.   Forecasting for new business opportunities
      a.   New locations 
      b.   Hospital or Nursing Home services
      c.   Review of business based on
           > volume
           > payer mix
           > potential billing
           > expense for covering new ORs
 2.   RFP creation for new business opportunities
 3.   MD and Mid-level recruitment
 4.   Review of productivity and staffing levels

Stipend Analysis:
 1.   Analysis of data, billing, staffing, volume and payer mix and cost to provide services
      a.   Liaison between practice and hospital leadership